Worldwide Shipping

How do we help?
If you don't have a Shipping Account # then we can ship it to you and the process is as follows:
Please use our Online Remedy Store to order and select the Shipping Outside option when paying

· We receive your order and place it to the manufacturer
· Manufacturer ships the order to us ( 2-5 business days)
· We ship the order to you (6 - 10 business days)
· There is a Service Charge of $10 which is added to the shipping charges
· We charge $102.70 upfront for International S&H
· The international shipping charges are $102.70 because our Shipping Carrier is USPS
USPS Priority Mail International Large flat box 12" x 12" x 5 1/2", Maximum weight 20 pounds is $80.50, the S&H charge to get the remedies from the manufacturer to us is either $4.95 or $7.25 or both (if order contains remedies from both manufacturers) also a a service charge of $10 takes the total to $102.70 but we still try to send it in the best available S&H price and the rest amount is refunded. If the weight of the package exceeds 20 pounds you will be charged extra (happens rarely)~

Please check the prices from USPS (source: USPS website) or see below

Price To Canada & Mexico
Price To Rest of the World
Small Box  
8 5/8'' x 5 3/8'' x 1 5/8''  
Medium Box 1  
13 5/8" x 11 7/8" x 3 3/8"
Medium Box 2  
13 5/8" x 11 7/8" x 3 3/8"
Large Box
12" x 12" x 5 1/2  
USPS doesn't guarantee tracking once the package leaves the United States of America
Package can get stuck in customs in country of destination
We also don't take responsibility of tracking and customs once the package leaves the United States of America

To whom it may concern,
I live in Ireland and needed to source some specific homeopathic remedies which I could not locate locally here in Ireland. Naturally, I turn to the internet and find what I need at Ritu Shegal (person who operates this website) finds that suppliers of the particular remedy I am looking for, only ship within USA (ie no international shipping). Ritu informs me of this situation and then I asked if it was possible for Ritu to purchase my order and then ship it on to me. I agreed to pay total estimated amount for the order including shipping to Ritu and shipping from Ritu to me. When actual cost for shipping to Ireland was known, Ritu promptly refunded me the difference. Ritu also advised that there may be a customs charge once the shipment reached Ireland but in my case there was no customs charge.
I have no hesitation in highly recommending Ritu Sehgal and her website for sourcing & international shipping of difficult to find homeopathic remedies. My transaction with Ritu was easy, seamless, honest, fast and I will certainly return to shop again.
Keith Gibbons

I ordered several homeopathic products from Ritu and got immediate response from her with confirmation. A day later the parcel was sent and in 5 days I got ordered remedies. Quality is excellent, I'm very satisfied and will recommend her to anybody in need of homeopathic help.
JS from Canada

Ritu was extremely helpful in sorting out a mix up with my purchases and shipping costs. I was kept informed regarding shipment and location of the goods. I was delayed in collecting the goods and Ritu emailed me, confirming that my purchases were waiting to be collected. An excellent service was provided by Ritu.
Many Thanks
Lee Grbin, Australia