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I had spotting anytime during my cycles. I did not remain in the best of my mood.  The gynecologist said it was hormonal imbalance and put me on birth control pills. The spotting never got better and everything messed up further. I was not having my periods properly too. This went on for 2 months. I also knew that eating these pills for a long term would give me side effects in future. That’s when I thought of Homeopathy. I just took her remedies for a month and was happy that my periods came back on time and also I felt much better. I had consulted her before too for my very painful wart on the sole of my feet (see my other testimonial below)

TG, Atlanta, GA, USA 

I had severe depression; my periods were very heavy after I had to undergo a surgery. I won’t disclose too much about the surgery et al. I am on antidepressants. The depression was still not better even after taking the antidepressants. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I had lots of other issues. I thought I would give Homeopathy a chance since nothing else was working for me. I thought of Homeopathy. I consulted Ritu Sehgal and started taking homeopathic remedies. Within days not only did I start feeling better, the flow of my periods also became better. I am still taking consultation from her and recommended her to my family and friends. They are also getting better


I have asthma since I was 11 yrs old. Now I started to get depressed and anxious as well. I always had runny nose and cough even despite of eating all kind of medications. I thought of taking Homeopathic remedies and hence consulted Ritu. Since I started taking the remedies I feel better in every way possible. The runny nose and cough are gone. I don’t feel as anxious as before. Even if I am stressed out I feel I can face it now. I feel more confident too


 My son was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism at the age of 3. The doctors told me that they couldn’t do anything for him and that he would remain like this for the rest of his life. They put him on strong medications which would just make him duller. We thought Homeopathy could help and that’s the time we consulted Ritu. We started seeing changes in our son within a month of starting the treatment. After 2 months Ritu told us to stop the allopathic medication which we did and she kept a close eye on our son by making us report daily to her. We were amazed to see our son didn’t need those remedies and he started showing more improvement in understanding, eye contact, potty training etc. His physical ailments like painful corns etc. also started decreasing in size. He started speaking monosyllables. He started recognizing me (his father). He is now very social and likes to play with other kids. I feel now that if he continues taking homeopathic remedies he will get better

Update( Jan 7th 2011)

My son has complete understanding and is getting better with his speech. He understands 2 commands now and knows 15 alphabets. His painful corns have almost disappeared and many other physical issues taken care of. I can’t thank Ritu enough.

Update (Aug 8 2012)

I see further improvement in my son in regards to understanding and speech. There was a time when my son had difficulty moving his tongue. His grip on the pencil has become better. He has emotions and knows who is who.The painful corns are history now. His stomach issues are also under control. I started my younger son (4 months old) too on homeopathy as soon as I saw he developed some itchy eruptions on the skin. He is fine now. I am so much thankful to homeopathy.

DC, Calcutta, India  

I am 55yrs old and have lots of issues. I take allopathic medications for high BP, high cholesterol, depression and hyperthyroidism. 3 months back I went to the doctor and after doing my blood test the doctor said that my triglycerides levels were also high. So he was going to put me on another medication. Even though I was taking medication for depression I still was depressed. I started taking homeopathic remedies from Ritu. Within a few days I started feeling better. I kept taking the prescription drugs and the homeopathic remedies. After 3 months I went in for a blood test and to my surprise the triglyceride levels had fallen. I had never started the prescription drugs for triglycerides.  So now I am all praise for homeopathy. It is doing wonders for me and my family.

MB, Parkland, FL

My daughter was diagnosed for developmental delay. She is on the Autism Spectrum. She is delayed in various areas as speech and language, cognition skills and understanding. Even the basic milestone were delayed. My daughters’ paediatrician told me that there were no medicines for Autism. So I consulted a homeopath. His homeopathic remedies helped my daughter achieving certain milestones as potty training and she also got her speech with his treatment. Unfortunately he died. Ritu Sehgal took the case from there. Her remedies have immensely helped Ria getting better. I see her general understanding has improved, its a lot easier for me now to explain things to her. Her eye contact with adults has improved a lot. Her grip on the pencil has improved. I was surprised when the special needs class teacher told us that my daughter was ready to go to the mainstream school(with the help of an aid). Its been 5 months now my daughter is going to the regular school. Ritu has been on my daughters’ case for almost 8 months now.There are still some challenges remaining but I am confident that with Homeopathy she will get better. Ritu is a very sincere and dedicated person and spends lot of time studying the case and listening to your concerns. I truly believe in homeopathy as it has done wonders with my daughter.                                     

CS, California, USA                          

 I was suffering from wart at the bottom of my foot where my dermatologist treated it first by scraping it off and letting it heal where it grew again since the virus was still active. The second time my dermatologist prescribed me Aldara 5% cream which is an immune response modifier but it didn’t help much as it was very painful and I could not walk properly. I consulted Ritu and she gave me homeopathic remedy twice a day and after taking it for a month slowly the wart dried up and fell off eventually while walking on beach sand. Once it fell off it left a tiny slump on my skin which slowly healed by applying antiseptic cream. The wart has not come back since then, its been 1.5 yrs.Thanks to Ritu for helping me get rid of it.


TG, Atlanta, USA                        

I had an eczematous, itchy patch on my left leg. I kept using some creams the dermatologist gave me. The itchy patch would go away but would come back after few days again. This was irritating me. I consulted Ritu Sehgal and started taking homeopathic remedy suggested by her. The itchy eczematous patch disappeared within few days of taking the remedy. It hasn’t come back as yet.

DS, Gurgaon, India

I am in menopause. I never had constipation in my life, but during this time I was constipated. I tried all kinds of medications but nothing was working. I asked Ritu if Homeopathy could help and she asked me to try it out. I started taking the remedy and got better within few days. Now whenever I am constipated I just take that remedy and it just help me go back to my normal self.

LS, Gurgaon, India

 I was getting loose motions with mucus in it. I was diagnosed as amoebiasis. I used to get pain in my abdomen too.  I used so many allopathic drugs but they didn’t help me. I always felt bloated. I consulted Ritu and took homeopathic remedy. After eating the first dose I started feeling better. I kept taking it regularly and now am free of all those symptoms. I have become such a believer of homeopathy that I keep recommending Ritu to anyone who has any kind of health issues.

RM, Jamshedpur, India

 I moved to Atlanta 6 years back. I started getting a lot of attacks of cold. Everyone told me Atlanta is not good place for people with allergies. I used to fear the Spring season because as soon as the pollen count started increasing my cold attack would start. It would stay there for the whole month until the pollen count went down. The rest of the year I would get atleast 5-6 attacks of cold. This continued for 4 years . Last year I started taking Homeopathic remedy from Ritu for my allergies. I suffered little less the last spring , Ritu told me to keep continuing the constitutional remedies which I did. Last whole year until  now I didn’t get any attacks of cold. I am waiting to see what happens this March end when the pollen count increases again. Whatever happens I have become a big fan of Homeopathy.


RS, Atlanta, USA

I am 70 years old. I had this problem of  recurring boils on my belly area and back. They used to bleed and my clothes used to get the stains. I was having these boils for the past 4 years. I put many antibiotics creams on those boils , they would dry up for a while but would come back again in another location. I thought I had diabetes so I got my sugar checked but it was normal. The doctor couldn’t help me much. So I decided to go in for Homeopathy. The remedy that Ritu gave me not only helped my boils go away they have not returned back. I am so glad I tried Homeopathy. I think everyone should give Homeopathy a chance.


SS, Gurgaon, India

My experiences with Homeopathy have been great. I would like to share 2 of my experiences.

I had high fever for 2-3 weeks and was diagnosed as having Typhoid. My work involved a lot of  travelling those days and I was not very careful choosing hygienic places to eat or drink water. I thought I had great immunity and nothing was going to happen to me. Well I was wrong. I developed Typhoid. After taking the treatment for it I was up only for a week when the Typhoid relapsed. I developed high fever again , severe chills and this time my spleen also enlarged. I thought of taking Homeopathy this time. I consulted Ritu Sehgal. Not only did the fever come down in 1-2 days, I completely recovered and my spleen also reduced back to the normal size.    

Few years after this happened I noticed some bloody pus coming out of my belly button. I went to my doctor and he said that I had developed a fistula. He said that surgery was the only solution he could offer. I consulted Ritu Sehgal and she told me to try Homeopathy first. She said that if it doesn’t work then I could always get my surgery done. But 3 months of taking Homeopathic remedies I saw constant improvement, I never had to go to the surgeon again. I am so thankful to her.

According to my mom I got rid of my childhood asthma with Homeopathy.


NS, New Delhi , India

My son was diagnosed with HPV ( Human Papilloma Virus). He had warts on his genitals and inner side of thighs. The skin specialist said there was nothing much he could do in this case. I consulted Ritu Sehgal. She told me that the warts would go away with Homeopathic remedies. My son took the homeopathic remedies for around 6 months and all the warts disappeared one by one. There were 15 warts of different sizes. They have never returned back.

I was amazed to see the power of homeopathy.


BS, New Delhi,India